This Impressive 30W USB-C Charger Only Costs $20 (and Even Monitors Your Car’s Battery)

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Editor's Rating:
Pros: 30W power output. Slim and sleek design. Travel-friendly. Safe adaptive fast-charging technology. One or two USB-C ports depending on configuration.
Cons: It's not the prettiest.
Bottom Line: The VogDUO is a thoughtfully designed charger and we recommend it for its portability, performance, versatility, and emphasis on safety.

With newer car models offering USB ports for device charging, it would seem car chargers are headed towards obsolescence. But that’s not the case, surprisingly!

Most new cars come with USB-A ports, which can be calibrated to variable standards and are suited for older devices. Depending upon your device, it can take you several times longer to power up than it would with a quality car charger — and if you’ve got a USB-C device, you’re not covered there. That’s where the VogDUO car charger picks up the slack.


The VogDUO is well-designed, with a focus on easy usability. The dual connection lets you plug in two devices at once, pretty standard as far as charging devices go. It’s thin and sleek, which makes it travel-friendly and great for long road trips.

Plus, it’s designed to stay in your cigarette lighter socket tightly, so it won’t pop out like other chargers (an issue with cheaper models, where sometimes you think your phone’s been charging when it really hasn’t.)

The build does feel a bit cheap in hand – however, since the device was tucked away, stashed inside of our vehicle’s cigarette lighter, we really didn’t stop to think twice about it.

Price and Performance

A note on the VogDUO’s price point. Its MSRP is $29.99 (on sale for $19.99), which is above the price range of most car chargers (between $5 to $20). But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Be aware that with cheaper models, you might sacrifice safety for a nominal price markdown: poorly constructed chargers can offer a shoddy charge current that’s incongruent with your device’s build, which can cause damage. Considering the phones, tablets, and other devices you’re plugging in cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, you don’t want to risk unnecessary damage just to save a few bucks.

The VogDUO is specially designed to guard against damage with its 30W rapid-charge technology, which customizes the flow current to your device’s needs. When you plug in, it identifies your device’s charging profile and delivers the exact current it needs to charge safely.

For that same reason, the VogDUO also delivers from a performance perspective: its customized charge flow allows it to power up your device as quickly as possible. This future-proof engineering guarantees the VogDUO won’t be outdated due to continually updating USB standards concerning voltage and current flow.

One bonus feature is its car battery level indicator. A red light blinks on to indicate your car battery levels are low, so you can know to replace it before it dies — a major plus if you’re wary of keeping your car up and running.

Final Verdict and Options

The VogDUO is a thoughtfully designed charger, and a great buy due to its portability, performance, versatility, and emphasis on safety. Not to mention, it’s offered in different configurations to meet your specific needs.

It normally retails for $29.99 MSRP, but today it’s on sale now for just $19.99. Get the black USB-C charger here, or choose from the white USB-C charger, black USB-C + USB-A charger, and white USB-C + USB-A charger options.

Vogduo Leading Image

VogDUO Car Charger Go

Keep your devices powered on the road with the Car Charger Go from VogDUO. This charger provides two fast-charging USB-C ports to keep all of your devices ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  • Stay connected with one or two USB-C ports and 30W of power.
  • Charge faster with built-in rapid-charge technology.
  • Monitors your car battery so you can replace it before it goes kaput.
  • Fits firmly into any cigarette lighter.
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