How Small and Medium Companies Efficiently Manage Their Apple Devices at Low Costs

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Pros: Makes managing multiple devices incredibly quick and easy. Multi-language support. Boosts security. Free to try.
Cons: None.
Bottom Line: Managing apps, settings, security and more across multiple Apple devices has never been easier than with Jamf Now.

Running a business of any size isn’t easy. That’s why the last thing you need is to worry about managing all of the technology that allows business to happen.

Enter Jamf Now. It’s an excellent solution for businesses, firms and other entities to manage a fleet of Apple devices quickly, easily and simply. But how does Jamf Now simplify handling your Apple tech? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

? What Is Jamf Now?

Jamf Now is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Basically, it’s a platform that lets a company or other entity control the settings, apps and other preferences on a fleet of Apple devices.

As you might expect, this comes in handy when you have a lot of staff members who use various Apple smartphones, tablets and computers to do their job.

Jamf Multiple Device Management

Taking the time to configure and set up a single piece of technology may not take that long, but repeating that process for many devices can quickly become tedious and time-consuming. The same goes for maintaining or changing settings or application deployments on those devices.

MDM platforms make it easy to distribute apps over-the-air to many devices at once. They also allow for remote configuration of various settings and management of device data, as well as a way to quickly take inventory of active devices and their data.

There’s a security element to this, as well. Jamf Now and other MDM platforms offer a company or entity much more security over their data if a device happens to be lost or stolen.

With that in mind, let’s get into the specifics of Jamf Now.

? What Does Jamf Now Do?

As you can see, an MDM platform is a necessity for any kind of business. But Jamf Now takes mobile device management and simplifies it.

That’s a key point. Mobile device management, in general, can be a pretty complicated affair for businesses of any size. But Jamf Now streamlines it and makes it as simple as possible.

Best of all, Jamf Now does all of this in a clean, easy-to-navigate, and incredibly intuitive environment. You have all of the power of other MDM platforms, with none of the complexity.

Here are just some of the tasks that Jamf Now makes easy.

1 Saves Time During Setup

Short on time? That’s not a problem with Jamf Now. Its features allow users to set up multiple Apple devices with specific apps and settings very quickly.

Jamf Email

You can outfit a device with all of the necessary software and settings, like apps, email accounts and onsite Wi-Fi passwords. Better yet, this can all happen remotely. If you’re giving or shipping new devices to employees, you can have them set up without ever needing to even touch them.

Jamf Now also features Open Enrollment, which allows employees to get all of the benefits of MDM collaboration on their own devices.

2 Easily Distributes and Deploys Apps

Like many MDM platforms, Jamf Now lets you push out apps to your various devices. But Jamf Now has a few tricks up its sleeve.

With a Jamf Now Plus plan, you can push in-house or custom apps to iOS devices. That makes it easy when a particular platform is needed but isn’t available on the App Store. On Mac, you can also deploy custom scripts or applications. Again, this makes it a seamless process to push critical software that isn’t on the Mac App Store.

Jamf App Management

You can also connect your Jamf Now account to Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP). That lets you buy app licenses in bulk and distribute them as needed. If an app is no longer needed on a particular device, that license automatically becomes available for use on a new device.

3 Makes Fleet Inventory a Breeze

With Jamf Now, you can quickly get a “birds-eye” view of all the Apple devices on a single account. That allows for easy inventory of your businesses’ various devices and their data.

That data is wide-ranging, and includes model, serial number, free disk capacity, deployed apps, applied email accounts, and various settings.

You can also export device status reports and inventory information to a spreadsheet with the click of a button, making compliance reporting and other administrative tasks a much simpler process.

4 Keeps Devices and Apps Up-to-Date

Businesses can keep their employees’ devices up-to-date seamlessly with features that allow you to push software updates to both iOS and macOS.

You can remotely update an individual device or all of your devices at once. And with zero-touch deployment, you don’t even have to worry about taking the time to keep your entire fleet up-to-date. There’s an Automatic App Update option that lets you keep mission-critical software running their best, as well.

5 Helps Bolster Security

Jamf Now is also an incredible solution for shoring up your businesses’ device security. Fewer things are more nerve-wracking than a potential breach or stolen device.

With Jamf Now, you can set passcode enforcement on iOS devices and FileVault full disk encryption enforcement on Macs. An iCloud Activation Lock bypass can also be stored for any iOS devices.

Lost Mode

If something goes wrong, you’ll have the ability to find, lock or display a message on any Apple device connected to your Jamf Now account. In worst case scenarios, you can also wipe all of the sensitive data stored on that device remotely.

6 Supports Many Languages Among Other Unique Features

One of Jamf Now’s biggest advantages is that it’s extremely easy to get started. Just sign up for an account and you’ll be ready to manage your devices. There’s no sales calls or complicated processes to go through.

Need to lock down a device to a single user so people aren’t messing with its OS? You can do that with Jamf Now. This is perfect for iPads used as point-of-sale devices or distributed as networking tools (like collecting emails, messages or signatures at an event).

Also, a secure Wi-Fi password should be changed periodically. With Jamf Now, you can change the Wi-Fi password settings on all of your devices at once.

Jamf has also recently announced a new payment system called Balance. Basically, it’s a simple and flexible way of attaching funds to a Jamf Now account to pay for the monthly charge — no hassling with card or bank account payments.

Other recent additions include Wi-Fi whitelisting, disabling email account modification, and more. In addition to English, Jamf Now also has translations in Japanese, German, and French.

? How Small Companies Can Benefit

Jamf Now is basically a no-brainer for small businesses, largely because it offers them a powerful yet simple way of setting up and managing devices on the fly.

This is especially useful for companies without a dedicated IT staff. Small businesses are often run and staffed by a relatively low number of people who tend to wear a lot of hats at once.

As you may know, trying to manage a fleet of devices can quickly become its own full-time responsibility. That’s not great when staff members have other tasks that are much more of a priority.

Jamf Now is also incredibly affordable for as feature-packed and powerful as it is. That makes it able to fit into basically every small business budget out there.

? How Bigger Corporations Can Benefit

While Jamf Now is an excellent choice for various small businesses and companies, it’s also equally as great for larger firms and corporations.

That’s because Jamf Now’s features easily scale with the size of a business. Starting off small but planning on growing? Jamf Now can easily accommodate a businesses’ present state and growth.

Large Companies

Even for large firms with more resources, Jamf Now can streamline the device management process — freeing up time for other important tasks.

This can have some incredible impact on IT department efficiency and operations.

? What People Are Saying About Jamf Now

You only need to do a quick Google search to find a wealth of reviews touting the ease, power and flexibility of Jamf Now.

Various reviewers praise Jamf Nows’s ease of use, including the fact that it’s extremely easy to understand and maneuver without any additional training. That helps it stand out among a crowded MDM market, particularly as it packs most of the most useful features.

Caryn T. posted her personal Jamf Now review to Capterra, stating “I use Jamf Now to manage about 80 Macs. We love it for deploying App Store apps. I also like how I can require Filevault 2 which would otherwise be very difficult to enforce. We have also had computers stolen from our office before, so it’s great to have the feature where we can remotely wipe them. And, whenever I have a question they are very responsive on the chat support.”

An anonymous reviewer posted to GetApp “Best way to deploy VPP tokens during your lunch hour. I use Jamf Now for a bushel of side clients that need to deploy VPP token apps on iOS. This is a great low cost solution for small business.”

Another GetApp user stated “[Jamf Now] significantly eases Apple device management. Latest UI is soooo much easier to understand and error reporting is actually informative – keeps getting better with every revision. Excellent tech support. Ability to push apps to individual devices and groups remotely is fantastic.”

Other reviews make a point of mentioning Jamf Nation, a user community of Jamf users and Apple IT professionals. This can help you get to the bottom of a particular problem by crowdsourcing knowledge.


One user wrote that, when it comes to “quality, price or performance,” Jamf Now simply can’t be beat — adding that it’s a “dream solution.”

Another user who works at a popular design blog, called Jamf Now the “ultimate MDM” for Apple products and added that “every startup” should be using the platform.

? How Jamf Now Compares to the Competition

Of course, Jamf Now is not your only option when it comes to MDM platforms. But it might just be your best option.

Compared to competing platforms, Jamf Now offers a set of advantages and features that other comparable MDM platforms simply don’t have.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll have access to customer service via online support, as well as a strong knowledge base and a group of high-quality video tutorials.

Jamf Now also has a pretty unique free trial. Basically, it lets you manage up to three Apple devices for free — forever. That means if you only ever need to manage a couple of devices, you can do so without spending a penny. A no-cost tier like this is extremely hard to come by among MDM platforms.

When it comes time to scale up your fleet, you can add new devices to your Jamf Now account for just $2 per device per month. If you need full access to everything Jamf Now has to offer, a more feature-packed Jamf Now Plus tier costs just $4 per device per month.

But don’t forget that for that price, you’re getting a slew of powerful features — which makes Jamf Now very cost-effective and an incredible value for the money.

It goes beyond affordability. The aforementioned capabilities, as well the simple management process and the intuitive user interface, has all led to an extremely highly-rated service.

It’s hard to go wrong with Jamf Now.

? Is Jamf Now For Me?

As mentioned thoroughly throughout this piece, Jamf Now is an excellent choice for anyone needing to manage a fleet of devices.

That goes for small companies, as well as larger firms and other entities. Even if your business only has a few employees, you can’t beat the price point and the features (particularly if you’re only managing a few devices).

In other words, we strongly recommend Jamf Now as your primary mobile device management platform. Start your free trial of Jamf Now, you won’t be disappointed!

Jamf Now

Jamf Now

Trying to configure devices without a mobile device management (MDM) solution can take a surprising amount of time and effort. There’s a better way, and it starts with Jamf Now. With Jamf Now, you can remotely configure settings, apps, and more on all of your iPad, iPhone and Mac devices quickly and seamlessly.

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  • Saves Time During Setup
  • Easily Distributes and Deploys Apps
  • Makes Fleet Inventory a Breeze
  • Keeps Devices and Apps Up-to-Date
  • Helps Bolster Security
  • Supports Many Languages Among Other Unique Features
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