5 Unconventional Gifts for the Techie Who Has Everything

5 Unconventional Gifts for the Techie Who Has Everything
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The holiday shopping season can be tough, especially if the person you’re buying gifts for already owns a smartphone, laptop, tablet and smartwatch. Whether they’re for the techie in your life who already has everything, or just for the person who appreciates a good gadget, these cool and unconventional gifts are sure to be a hit.

1. Help Your Friend Ditch Their Selfie Stick

You hate selfie sticks. We all do. So instead of getting your Snapchat- or Instagram-obsessed friend one of those, get them a Podo.

The Podo, originally a successful Kickstarter campaign, is a neat, small stick-on camera that can attach to a variety of surfaces. Its proprietary app will then stream the camera’s feed directly to your smartphone. The adhesive pad on the back will never wear out, and you can shoot photos, videos and even time lapses with the Podo. No more carrying selfie sticks in public.

2. Make Their Bottled Beer Taste Tap-Fresh

Brew-lovers everywhere know that beer from the tap just tastes better. Rather than installing a tap in your kitchen, you can upgrade your six-pack with the Fizzics Waytap.

While it won’t quite make your beer tap-perfect, the Waytap is simple and reasonably priced. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the Fizzics Waytap uses sound waves to make your beer foamier and smoother. It’s a simple, portable way to make your bottled beer taste more like a tap-poured brew.

3. Take To The Skies With A Bionic Bird

Drones are obviously a hot gift item this holiday season — but if you want something a bit more unique, consider the Bionic Bird.

This biometric drone is so convincing, its creators call it “the only flying object in the world that doesn’t frighten other birds away.” It can handle anything from 100-meter soaring voyages to short-range flights — even indoors. It charges via a small, portable “egg” — and a single, 12-minute charge can yield up to 10 eight-minute flights. Best of all, the intuitive control app works with all major smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0.

4. Kick Your Audiophile’s Headphones Up A Notch

If have a friend who’s ever been disappointed by the audio output of a device — especially if they’re an audiophile using nice-quality headphones — the Dragonfly DAC is here to help.

About the size and shape of a USB stick, the Dragonfly DAC is a portable digital audio converter and headphone amp. Simply put, it’ll boost and enhance your sound in a variety of ways — richness, tone, detail and transparency among them. The Dragonfly will allow for everything from crystal clear and louder music, to high-quality phone calls. Best of all, it can work with your iPhone or other smartphone via a small adapter.

5. Give The Gift Of A Fully-Charged Battery 

For the fashionista who always needs to keep their phone charged, there’s the Everpurse.

Rather than carrying around an external battery, you just slide your iPhone into the purse’s SmartPocket and it’ll start charging immediately. To keep the Everpurse itself charged, you simply place it on the accompanying charging mat — no wires required. For the fashion-forward, it’s also available in a variety of styles made in collaboration with Kate Spade.

For the person who doesn’t carry a purse, there’s also this sleek Nomad Leather wallet with a built-in 2400mAh battery and lightning cable.

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