Bluetooth Too Slow For Transfers? Try Transfer Jet

1 TransferJet iPhone Credit: Business Wire Press Release
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Toshiba just introduced the launch of the “TJM35420LT,” the first TransferJet adapter for iOS devices. The TJM35420LT has the ability to transfer 100MB of data in three seconds between iOS devices using TransferJet technology.

TransferJet, a new type of close proximity wireless transfer technology, allows two devices to transfer data between each other at very high speeds by simply touching the devices together (or holding them very close). TransferJet technology allows an output of up to 375Mbps, or 100MB in only three seconds.

The TJM35420LT is a simple dongle that attaches to your iOS device via the Lightning port. After downloading the iOS app, users can select data (movies, photos, etc) to be transferred, and then touch the dongle to the receiving device to transfer the data. This new piece of technology makes transferring files between devices simple, fast, and easy.

Although the adapter is already available for sale in Japan, US consumers will get their first glance at the TJM35420LT at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week.

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