5 Best Places to Shop for Unique and Trendy iPhone 6 Cases

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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are Apple’s biggest phones yet, and as the saying goes, “the bigger they are the harder they fall.” For some of us a cracked iPhone screen is what nightmares are made of. If the thought of a shattered screen makes you cringe, a case is the best bet to maintain iPhone bliss.

Finding a case for your phone is generally a simple task; find the one that offers the right level of protection and in the right color. Every major retailer carries the common LifeProof, Case-Mate, and OtterBox varieties.  While those brands offer great protection, they usually provide nothing in the aesthetics department.

For those of us who have more eccentric taste, a distinctive iPhone case is the paramount way to show off your style. Check out the five best places to shop for unique and trendy iPhone 6 cases below.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a new and eccentric case company based out of Los Angeles, California. They offer cases in the most unique styles and patterns. Many of them are mirrored and some of them even have fur. Zero Gravity cases range between $24 and $38.


Recover  is known for their dramatic cases made from wood, and recently have added shell cases to their product line-up known as “Abalone.” The wood cases are available in a multitude of different styles and stains, each one retails for $40.


designed by and purchased by women. However, Nordstrom offers a variety of cases for men. Men’s cases are neutral in color and made of wood, leather, or even carbon fiber. Nordstrom is the priciest of case providers mentioned and prices range between $25 and $150.


LAUT produces traditional cases, folios, and bumpers. They are available in a multitude of colors and styles. Choose from marble, silver, teal, lime green, blood orange, and everything in between. LAUT is one of the most affordable and unique case companies around, as their products start at only $14.99.

Native Union
Last but not least is Native Union, the original creator of the Pop Phone. Native Union has now added wood cases to their line-up, known as “CLIC Wooden.” Unlike traditional wood cases, these cases have an asymmetrical colored trim that is specifically selected to match with the stain of the wood. CLIC Wooden cases are available for $39.99.

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