You Didn’t Realize AirPods Pro Provide This Hidden Health Benefit

Airpods Pro Iphone Volume Control Credit: Future via TechRadar
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Apple’s new AirPods Pro may have a hidden benefit that the company failed to mention.

AirPods Pro feature Active Noise Cancelation, which lets users block out outside noises. But they also use new silicone tips that actually fit inside of your ear. That creates a “seal” for better noise isolation (which is, it’s worth noting, different than noise cancelation).

This style of earphone typically results in better bass, louder percieved volume, and an overall more isolated sound.

Listening to music that’s more “isolated” may actually seem worse for your hearing health. But, even though it’s counterintuitive, it may end up being better for your ears.

It all comes down to how well you can hear your music.

With better noise isolation on the AirPods Pro, you’ll likely be able to bump your favorite jams at a lower volume — since it doesn’t need to be as loud to drown out the ambient noise levels.

A Reddit user, Silver_kitty, actually noticed a positive increase in their apparent hearing health after switching from AirPods to AirPods Pro.

Back in iOS 13, Apple added a new hearing health metric to its Health platform. The system now analyzes the volume of your wireless Bluetooth headphones to determine if you’re listening at a safe level.

If you’ve been using AirPods but recently switched to the Pro models, you can probably see a similar decrease in Headphone Audio Levels.

  1. Just open up the Health app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Browse.
  3. Then tap Hearing.
  4. Then tap Headphone Audio Levels.

In Silver_kitty’s case, they typically listened to music at a “Loud” exposure level, according to the Health app. In the two days that the Redditor listened to AirPods Pro, that level was “OK.”

It’s also worth noting that the noise isolation of AirPods Pro may also help with another important metric: battery life.

Playing music at a lower volume on AirPods — or any wireless headphones — uses less battery life. While the gains may not add up to a significant amount, it certainly will help.

AirPods Pro, which launched earlier this week, start at $249. While they’re currently available to order, it’s worth noting that most retailers appear to be out of stock.

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