‘Today at Apple’ Officially Reopens Across the U.S. with This Special Event

Today to Apple Lady Gaga Womens History Month Credit: Apple
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As the global health pandemic hopefully recedes for the last time, Apple has begun dropping mask mandates for customers in its retail stores. Now it’s taking another big step in welcoming customers back from their long dark tea-time of the soul with the return of Today at Apple sessions.

Unsurprisingly, Apple is also doing this with a pretty big splash, making it an event to mark the celebration of Women’s History Month. The inaugural Today at Apple session for the new era will encourage customers to explore the art of remixing music with none other than Lady Gaga.

The sessions will focus on the use of Apple’s GarageBand app, which means they’ll be suitable for music fans and creators of any skill level. These aren’t premium lessons in using pro tools, but rather just a fun way to explore the musical process.

We can’t wait to welcome more of our communities back to our stores to experience Today at Apple, led by our incredible Apple Creatives. We’ve missed experiencing this connection in our stores, and we’re so happy that Today at Apple is back in person.Deirdre O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Retail + People, Apple

This isn’t entirely a first for Apple, as the company announced a similar initiative last summer that saw Art of the Remix sessions rolled out in GarageBand, with online tutorials led by an Apple Retail Creative Pro.

It was a nice idea at a time when Apple had to shutter Today at Apple sessions due to the pandemic. However, now that things are opening again, Apple wants to bring the Art of the Remix back into its stores, where customers can get face to face with experts, and enjoy mingling and sharing their creations with among themselves.

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In fact, Lady Gaga’s Free Woman, which forms the core of this month’s new Today at Apple program, was also part of the online experience. In introducing it at the time, the famous pop star said, “I want musicians and music lovers to be able to see how a song is produced and be able to hear all the individual parts, and then put their own creative color on it, doing whatever they want in GarageBand.”

The new 30-minute Today at Apple session will be free of charge, although you’ll still have to pre-register for the session at your local store at apple.co/remix-lady-gaga. Participants will be able to experiment with Live Loops, Remix FX, and more, and save and share their unique remixes when they’re done.

While the days before the pandemic may seem like an eternity ago now, Apple did run other Remix sessions in the past, featuring top artists like Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Khalid, Madonna, Pu Shu, and Taylor Swift. Apple has even occasionally invited artists to some of its bigger stores to promote Today at Apple sessions in person.

For now, Today at Apple sessions are limited to store in the United States, and may not be available in areas that are still under stricter health regulations. There’s no word on when Apple’s in-person sessions will be resuming in other countries around the world.

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