This Futuristic Printer Will Turn Real-Life Photos Taken with Your iPhone into Augmented Reality Videos

This Futuristic Printer Will Turn Real-Life Photos Taken with Your iPhone into Augmented Reality Videos
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Do you remember Polaroid Cameras? No? Well, it was a type of camera that instantly printed out a copy of the photo you had just taken. Maybe you’ve seen one in an old movie. How about disposable cameras? Do you remember those? They allowed you to take about 25 photos (no re-takes), which you would then take to a drug store to get developed – you could pick your photos up in a yellow envelope about an hour later.

In the mid-90’s, digital cameras and photo printers allowed users to select which photos they would like to print, and do so at home. Eventually, with the birth of social media and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s world takeover, hard copies of photos have become all but extinct. That is, until a Kickstarter campaign for LifePrint kicked off in 2014.


LifePrint is a portable, wireless, internet-connected printer that matches its convenience with its state of the art technology. As Cult of Mac put it, LifePrint is the “printer that you’ll want to use”. The LifePrint is portable enough to fit in your pocket, but the photo quality of the prints will rival that of any print studio. It’s also internet-connected – you can print photos onto your LifePrint from anywhere.

Print photos onto the LifePrint sitting on your desk from a concert you’re attending, and you’ll have a stack of photos as soon as you arrive home. The social media aspect of the app will allow you to print onto the LifePrint printers of your friends and family, as well – Has your mother been asking for photos of your adorable new baby? Instantly send photos to her LifePrint printer and she’ll have a hard copy almost instantaneously. The app also contains a feature-rich photo editing suite, which allows you to crop, rotate, adjust brightness, add filters, etc. before printing. There are almost too many features to mention.

There’s one more feature that absolutely must be mentioned, however – Hyperphotos, also known as Harry Potter mode. LifePrint’s newest feature allows users to embed a video into any printed photo. A Hyperphoto will, in essence, come to life when you point the camera of your smartphone at the photo and view it through the LifePrint app. Users can embed Live Photos taken from an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, a GoPro video, a Vine clip, or really any video at all atop a photo, and the LifePrint app will detect and play it. It really must be seen to be believed.

The LifePrint will be available this coming September for $130, or users can pre-order a LifePrint printer at their Kickstarter page. Pre-orders begin at $99, with several other options that include cases, extra photos, additional printers, and more.

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