Now the Elite Can Control Bentley’s New SUV from Their Apple Watch

Now the Elite Can Control Bentley’s New SUV from Their Apple Watch
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There’s definitely something to be said for experiencing the finer things this side of life. And although the majority of us never will, unfortunately, there is a bit of good news today for those who might (on the off chance) happen to own one of Bentley’s all new, 2017 Bentyaga SUVs, and one of the hottest new wearable devices available, the Apple Watch.

It appears that yet another in the growing list of perks for owners of one of the England-based auto-maker’s new $230,000 SUVs, is the sleek and swanky new vehicle’s recently introduced Apple Watch app (available here.)

The all-new touch screen app acts like a “remote control,” so to speak, for your Bentyaga SUV — by which, you’re able to control such elements as climate, infotainment, vehicle information, front passenger seat movement, rear seat heating, ventilation and even massage functionality on either your iPhone, or your wrist with the Apple Watch.

Of course, for a $229,000 base-model price, we’d pretty much expect those features to somehow control themselves — intelligently or what have you. But still, for the elite among us, it’s nice to know that we have the option to manipulate these things at our fingertips, right?

In any event, according to Bentley, the all-new app utilizes a quote unquote “bespoke digital architecture” as it’s primary median of functioning. This intelligent system syncs up with the automobile’s Touch Screen Remote system, so that, in essence, the Apple Watch can subvert this system and allow for control with Cupertino’s wearable device.


Of course, for those who may not be able to afford a Bentley, but still wouldn’t mind peering into the eyes of the company’s world-class excellence, the high-quality automobile-maker is no stranger to the concept of apps for iPhone, and even iPad. The free Pure Bentley iPad app, for instance, offers eager, would-be customers and enthusiasts alike, an exciting and immersive multimedia journey through the company’s rich and extensive history. For iPad owners, that app can be downloaded here.

Oh yeah, and, just in case you didn’t already know, the Bentyaga is Bentley’s all-new, five-door luxury sport utility vehicle for 2017. Running the show behind the scenes is the powerful Volkswagen W12 (V12) engine. Capable of churning out a whopping 600 horsepower, this engine enables the British luxury SUV to reach a top speed of 187 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, for those living in the United States with deep pockets, only 75 of the first-edition Bentyaga SUVs were shipped to America. So seeing one cruising around town — let alone, being able to purchase one of your own — is perhaps more of a novelty sought after than a dream to be actualized.

What are your thoughts about the Bentley Bentyaga SUV and its all-new “remote control” Apple Watch app?
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