Leaked Video Provides Side-By-Side Comparison of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s

New Reports Confirm the iPhone 7 Will Be Revealed September 7th
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The latest leaks which have surfaced on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo consist of photos and a video that reveals a side-by-side comparison of the current iPhone 6s against the forthcoming iPhone 7.

As MacRumors reports, the new video runs two and a half minutes long and provides an in-depth comparison of the respective differences in casings and various specifications of the iPhone 6s as opposed to the iPhone 7.

The origin of the iPhone 7 featured in the video is unknown as of yet, but it appears to feature a Space Grey color scheme and a metal shell that should be very familiar to iPhone users.

Some interesting insights emerge upon closer inspection. Some obvious differences include the larger rear camera and repositioned antenna bands, as well as the lack of a 3.5 mm audio jack on the bottom. The bottom instead features a second speaker grille and a Lightning Port, MacRumors observes. Beyond this, another visible difference is the thicker bezel, in which the screen is encased, that protrudes from the sides of the phone. BGR has commented that overall, the design scheme has remained much the same and that much of what we can see of the phone’s exterior is fairly unsurprising.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 7 unit shown in the video is unfortunately not a functioning model so it is difficult to gather information about what kind of hardware it’s rocking under the hood.

MacRumors raises the possibility that the 2016 iPhone will be equipped with an A10 processor and that the extra internal space gained by removing the headphone jack can be used to provide 3GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and more battery power than its predecessor provides.

The new iPhone is set to drop in September. Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments below!

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