Is a Full-Fledged Spotify App for Apple Watch Coming Soon?

Apple Watch Spotify App Credit: Wearable
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Spotify is reportedly beta testing a version of its app for the Apple Watch, according to a new report.

News first broke when members of Spotify’s iOS beta testing program noted that the latest version of the test software included a companion watchOS app for Spotify. One Redditor posted screenshots of the app after they updated to the latest beta build.

User reports do indicate that the Spotify for Apple Watch app has rather limited functionality currently — it’s restricted to controlling music playback on a connected iPhone.

It’s not clear if Spotify is planning on adding additional capabilities to its Apple Watch app. In fact, a watchOS offering isn’t even set in stone quite yet.

In response to news of the Spotify Apple Watch app, the music streaming giant clarified that the platform is only in its testing phase and that there’s no clear date as far as a launch.

“We’re always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time,” a Spotify spokesperson told The Verge.

A Spotify for watchOS app has been a long-requested feature among Apple Watch owners. That’s especially true if said app could integrate offline playback so Apple Watch users could sync songs to their wearables without needing to have an iPhone nearby.

On the other hand, there are some hints that Spotify is at least considering that option for a future watchOS app.

Last year news broke that an independent developer had created a third-party app that allowed offline playback for Spotify. That developers later said on Reddit that he was working with Spotify to create a watchOS companion app with the iOS SDK.

So while we’re not sure when Spotify will release a watchOS version of its app, it’s looking increasingly likely that one could roll out eventually.

While the beta version of the Spotify Apple Watch app isn’t widely available, you can sign up for the streaming platform’s iOS (and now watchOS) beta program here.

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