Here’s How Much an iPhone X Will Cost in 32 Countries

Here's How Much an iPhone X Will Cost in 32 Countries Credit: Ars Technica
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We’re a little under two weeks away from the launch of the most significantly upgraded iPhone in years.

From its edge-to-edge OLED display to its TrueDepth camera and Face ID authentication, the iPhone X is likely to change iPhones forever. But those revolutionary upgrades aren’t going to come cheap. In the U.S., the ultra-premium iPhone X will retail for $999 when it launches on Nov. 3.

The iPhone X will carry a high price tag wherever it’s sold — but it’s worth noting that its price actually varies quite a bit depending on where it’s purchased. As stated above, it’ll run customers $999 in the U.S., but in Hungary, it’ll retail for about 379,990 Ft in local currency. That’s about $1,455.23 in U.S. dollars.

Here’s what Apple’s revolutionary new handset will cost local consumers in 32 of the countries it will be available in, with the exact amount converted into U.S. dollars for comparison, courtesy of Quartz (based on exchange rates on Oct. 20, 2017).

Hungary 379,990 Ft 1,455.23
Denmark 8,899 kr. 1,408.27
Sweden 11,495 kr 1,406.37
Italy 1,189 € 1,400.46
Russia 79,990 pyб. 1,390.57
Finland, Ireland, Portugal 1,179 € 1,388.69
Poland 4,979 zł 1,386.81
Czech Republic 29,990 Kč 1,377.02
Norway kr 10,990 1,375.28
India ₹89,000 1,368.21
Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain 1,159 € 1,365.13
Austria, Germany 1,149 € 1,353.35
Luxembourg 1,120.68 € 1,319.99
UK £999 1,317.83
China RMB 8388 1,266.97
New Zealand NZ$1,799 1,253.36
Mexico Mex$23,499 1,237.06
Australia A$1,579 1,234.49
Switzerland CHF 1,199 1,218.50
Singapore S$1,648 1,210.96
Taiwan NT$35,900 1,187.82
UAE AED 4,099 1,115.98
Hong Kong HK$8,588 1,100.67
Canada CA$1,319 1,045.57
US $999 999
Japan ¥112,800 994.67

But Wait, There’s Also Sales Tax

While the iPhone X is undoubtedly more expensive in Hungary than it is in the U.S., there’s a caveat worth considering. Namely, it’s the fact that prices in the U.S. don’t include sales tax — whereas, in many other countries, the listed price actually does include all local sales taxes.

There’s also the issue of how much U.S. consumers will pay depending on their own state’s sales tax, which varies widely. If you’re in California, for example, your sales tax is 8.25 percent of the total price. In New York, it’s 8.49 percent. In New Hampshire, Montana and Oregon, you won’t pay any sales tax at all. So, in many countries, the listed sales price isn’t actually all that bad of a deal.

The iPhone becomes available for preorder at 12:01 a.m. (Eastern Time) this Friday, Oct. 27. It’ll hit store shelves and start shipping out to consumers at 8 a.m. local time next Friday, Nov. 3. Don’t forget a case and accessories with a purchase of the new iPhone. For some of the best deals, search through our store.

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