This Tool Uses Legal Loopholes to Secure You the Cheapest Flights

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Finding the cheapest flights can be tricky, especially since prices tend to fluctuate rapidly and so many third-party services like Expedia, KAYAK and Priceline exist and are vying for your business.

There’s an innovative new tool on the block now though, and according to Business Insider it’s specifically designed to exploit 100% legal loopholes in an effort to find and lock you into the lowest possible ticket price.

Called DoNotPay, the service has actually been used in the past to help many customers successfully overturn their parking tickets. It’s also assisted several Equifax hacking victims in their independent bids to sue the company. Now, the service has been updated with the ability to help customers get on the cheapest flight to their destination.

How Does DoNotPay Work?

Once your flight is booked, DoNotPay will check prices from across the web — and recheck them, automatically, up to 17,000 times per day — employing legal loopholes in its attempt to secure you the lowest price possible.

Best of all, Business Insider reports, the DoNotPay service is not only 100 percent legal and free to use, but if a cheaper flight is found at any point after your booking, you’ll automatically be refunded for the difference.

“In the US (unlike Europe unfortunately), there are about 70 different loopholes that will make even the most non-refundable ticket refundable,” said DoNotPay founder, Josh Browder.

Browder added that “If bad weather is predicted for your flight, the schedule changes, the airlines contract with you required them to open it up. Similarly, every single flight can be refunded before 24 hours [after it’s booked].”

“Since airline prices change so often, it’s highly unlikely you got in at the bottom, so when it drops, it automatically applies one of these many rules to your ticket and switches you to the cheaper ticket in the same fare class.”

Having conducted a “private test” in which “a few hundred” of its user’s results were surveyed, Browder noted that around 68 percent of flights were price reduced by an average of $140 using DoNotPay — with the top savings documented at a whopping $650 — refunded directly to a user’s method of payment.

To check out DoNotPay for yourself, head on over to the travel section of their website here to start viewing hotel and flight information.

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