Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Screens Are Turning Green (Among a Bunch of Other Issues)

Samsung Green Screen Credit: Samsung Forums
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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra is literally green with envy. According to a report in Android Authority, some owners of Samsung’s flagship smartphone report that the display on their handset is turning green without warning.

This green tint appears to be system-wide, persisting across apps such as Snapchat, PUBG Mobile, and others.

Samsung launched its flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra in March 2020, but the phone has had a rocky start. The company produced two variants – one for North America with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset and one for Europe and Asia with the less desirable Exynos 990 chipset.

This hardware difference has polarized customers with Exynos 990 owners upset that their model benchmarks lower than its Snapdragon counterpart.

Now, yet another new glitch with the Exynos 990 has surfaced and is more salt on the wound for Exynos 990 owners.

Green with Envy

According to Android Authority, those with the Exynos 990 variant of the Galaxy S20 Ultra are noticing their display suddenly has a green tint.

Owners have linked the issue to Samsung’s April security update, which may have inadvertently caused this issue.

When it happens is inconsistent across devices, making it difficult to prevent it from occurring. For some people, the green tint appears when the brightness of the display drops below 30%, and the refresh rate is set to 120hz.

Others report this issue when the phone’s battery is low (below 5%), and the temperature of the device is above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

The only common theme is the refresh rate, with changes in the refresh rate partially responsible for the issue.

Samsung’s Not So Effective Solution

Samsung is advising those with a green screen to reset their phone and clear all of the apps that display the green tint. This reset apparently is not a legitimate fix as the green screen eventually returns. To squash this bug, owners likely have to wait for Samsung to release a patch for the Exynos 990 model that fixes the issue.

Other Samsung Issues

This green screen isn’t the only issue plaguing the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Owners of the Exynos 990 report camera focusing issues where the phone struggles to focus on objects even when they are right in front of the lens. Other complaints include problems with overheating, even when performing simple tasks and poor battery life. Perhaps the most upsetting issue affects Pokemon Go – users report it no longer works on their phone. 

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