New Electric Charging Stations Add Hundreds of Miles of Range in Under 15 Minutes

New Electric Charging Stations Add Hundreds of Miles of Range in Under 15 Minutes
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ChargePoint is emerging as a leader in the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, with an impressive 31,000 charging stations already under its belt. Today, it unveiled what is being hailed as the next generation of EV fuel stops– the ChargePoint Express Plus.

The future of EV charging is about capacity and speed, which the Express Plus provides in ample measure. The DC fast-charging port can generate a stunning 400 kW of energy, which outstrips the capacity of every current electric car model. The leading Tesla Supercharger boasts an impressive 145 kW capacity for example. But it means that current EV models can gain hundreds of miles of range in “under 15 minutes” at a ChargePoint Express Plus module, making EV fueling a comparable experience to gassing up a normal car.

The charging infrastructure is also configured so that EV station owners can easily integrate and scale up to the highest charging capacity available in the industry by adding Power Modules, Stations, and Power Cubes as needed. ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano comments that “Express Plus charging centers can start small and grow as needed by adding charging capacity without further construction.”

With the Express Plus, ChargePoint is looking to the future, making provisions for a generation of high kW EVs that haven’t hit the market yet and ensuring that owning an EV isn’t a liability for frequent travelers.

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