Did MasterCard Just Leak These Lesser-Known Apple Card Perks?

Apple Card Credit: Apple
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In the midst of the Apple Card’s rollout, MasterCard may have inadvertently leaked some of the little-known benefits available to its users.

You already know about the sleek titanium card and the daily cash-back rewards. But you may not know that, because the Apple Card is on the MasterCard network, Apple Card holders will be able to use some of MasterCard’s benefits, too.

That could include fraud and identity theft protection, travel discounts and upgrades, some golf offerings, home rental discounts, and exclusive cardholder “special events.”

But it may also include a membership to ShopRunner, which lets users get free two-day shipping on some websites (that aren’t Amazon).

That’s all pretty standard stuff available to all MasterCard holders. But, interestingly, all of those benefits were actually shared by MasterCard in a webpage specifically titled “MasterCard Benefits for Apple Card Customers.”

The webpage was online earlier this morning, but is currently down as of the time of writing.

They aren’t exactly very persuasive benefits, but they could be good perks for users who were already considering applying for the Apple Card. That’s especially true since the card itself offers average cash-back rates and no sign-up bonuses or perks.

The fact that the webpage is down suggests that it was probably put up accidentally. That may mean that MasterCard is eventually planning on highlighting some of the lesser-known benefits of the Apple Card. Just not yet.

That does make sense, however. Apple Card is currently rolling out on an invitation-only basis. Apple is randomly selecting people from the list of people who signed up for Apple Card notifications and sending them invites to apply.

It’s not currently clear how many people have been invited to apply for Apple Card, but a full rollout is expected later this month. There’s a good chance that the MasterCard benefits page will reappear when that happens.

As far as other details related to the Apple Card, The Verge’s Nilay Patel recently reported that the lower APR for the card is now 12.99 percent after the Fed’s rate cut. And while it comes packed with its own fund management system, Apple Card will not be compatible with third-party financial apps like Mint or Quicken.

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