Best Tech Gifts Under $20

Best Gifts Under $20
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Getting gifts for your family or friends shouldn’t be stressful, and shouldn’t break the bank. If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffers, here are 10 great gift ideas for $20 or less.

4-in-1 Clip-on Smartphone Lens

We all love taking photos with our smartphone, but sometimes focusing close up, or getting an entire setting in view can be a challenge. This clip on lens allow for extreme close-ups (macro), as well as ultra-wide fisheye shots, and everything in between. This clip-on lens comes with 10x macro, wide angle, fisheye, and 1.5x telephoto lenses for diversifying your photo game.



XXL Shower Speaker

Take singing in the shower to a whole new level by bringing your music INTO the shower with you. The XXL Shower Speaker is IPX4 waterproof, includes built-in controls for play/pause and volume, and works over Bluetooth keeping your phone safe and dry. It’s the perfect companion for getting your day started.



Aluminum Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners make a great gift because everyone can find a time to enjoy them. The small size and solid build make them a pocketable toy to help with focus, or give you that much needed distraction while working on a project or assignment. Available in either black or silver, this is a gift that anybody can enjoy.



Mini Qi Wireless Charging Pad

If you or someone you know recently upgraded to the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X, or sport and Android phone that supports wireless charging, this wireless charging pad is a great gift idea. Using the Qi (pronounced chee) standard, this allows for recharging a device without plugging it in. A great option for reducing cable clutter on a desk or nightstand.



USB Solar Charger & Battery

While we’re on the topic of recharging batteries, this solar charger can act as emergency power no matter the situation. With a built-in 5000mAh battery, it can recharge an iPhone nearly 2 full times on a single charge, and it’s built-in battery can recharge with in the sun without an outlet. Perfect for camping or long days outdoors without access to power.



16-Color LED Bulb with Remote

Lighting is often under-appreciated, but can have a dramatic impact on making your office or living room have that distinctive feel. These color-changing LED lightbulbs can shift the mood of a room with a simple click of a button. Want a warmer feeling, try yellow or orange. Want something subtle and cool, give blue a try. Having a living room dance party – let the strobe effect get things started.



Flexible Tripod for Smartphones & Cameras

Whether you’re an aspiring vlogger, want to take cool time lapses, or just want less shaky photos, this flexible tripod is a great option for getting better shots. The flexible legs can wrap around a handle, post, any stable object, or can be placed on a desk of table to get that perfect picture or video. The included clip can be expanded to fit a wide range of smartphones, or can be removed to mount to small point-and-shoot cameras.



Anker PowerLine+ 10ft Lightning Cable

Apple’s lightning cables have long been a pain-point for iOS users, due to their relatively short length and their fragile construction. With the Anker PowerLine+ 10ft Lightning Cable, you get 3x more distance from an outlet than Apple’s standard cable, and the braided cable housing is much more resilient to everyday wear and tear. If you or someone you know is dealing with a frayed Lightning cable, this is the way to go.



Best Gifts Under $20

PopSocket Phone Stand/Grip

The PopSocket became wildly popular in 2017 as a way to both hold your phone more securely, as well as prop your phone up on a desk or table. The collapsible button adds a small pop-up grip to the back of your smartphone, allowing for more controlled grip by placing it between your fingers. When not in use, it collapses down to just a few millimeters thick to minimize added bulk. PopSockets are available in a multitude of colors, from $7.50 – $15.



Scosche Magic Mount

Your smartphone is likely your GPS and form of entertainment while driving, but fiddling with clips and latches can be a hassle. The Magic Mount uses a thin metal plate on your smartphone and a magnet in the mount to hold it securely in place without the need to pressure clamps or springs. The entire mount suctions to your windshield, while the plate can be stuck to the back or you device or its case. A great gift idea for anybody that spends time behind the wheel.



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