Apple Releases iOS 14 Beta 3 to the Public (Here’s What’s New)

iOS 14 Credit: Daniel Constante / Shutterstock
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Apple yesterday released iOS 14 beta 3 to developers. Today, it is everyone’s turn. As expected, the Cupertino company made this highly-anticipated release available to the public beta program. As discovered by developers yesterday, this version includes minor changes including new Clock app widgets, Music app sharing options, and more. What else is new in the beta 3 version of iOS 14? Read on to find out!

What’s New in iOS 14 beta 3?

Here is a shortlist of some of the new features Apple added to iOS 14 beta 3:

  1. When you use widgets for the first time, a new popup says, “Press and hold a widget to reorganize them. In jiggle mode, tap the plus in the top left to add the widget.”
  2. When you edit your Home screen for the first time, a new popup appears with this helpful tip: “Hide unorganized home screen pages by tapping the page dots.”
  3. Addition of new Clock app widgets.
  4. Gorgeous new red colored icon for the Music app.
  5. New design for the Music library in the Music app.
  6. Added the ability to share Apple Music songs, albums, and playlists to Snapchat Stories.
  7. New icons in the Library interface of the Music app.
  8. iOS storage bug in beta 1 and 2 has been fixed. This glitch caused enormous problems for some users who saw their “Other” storage allotment increase exponentially for no apparent reason.
  9. Watch users have a new push notification that would alert them if they forgot to wash their hands upon returning home.
  10. New, more realistic face mask design for Memoji.


Apple iOS 14 beta 3 is available to both Apple developers and the general public. Developers and iOS users in the beta program can update using the Settings app. Open Settings, tap on General, and then select “Software Update.” Your iPhone or iPad should detect the new version and start to download and install it. If you are not already part of Apple’s beta testing program, you can sign up on Apple’s website.

Just make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi, have sufficient battery and extra storage space for the install. Before you jump into the beta program, you should be aware that this version of iOS is still under development. There may be bugs and errors in the software that could lead to data loss.

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