7 Cash Back and Rewards Credit Cards That’ll Save You Money on New Tech

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New tech can be expensive. That’s exactly why smartly using a credit card may be a great way to earn rewards, spread out the cost, or receive other benefits on all of your tech purchases.

Of course, you should make sure you do your research, check your credit score, and use your credit card wisely once you get it. But if you’re in the market for some new tech (and a new credit card), here are some great options to consider.

My Best Buy Credit Card

My Best Buy Credit Card

Best Buy is a popular choice for tech purchases, especially since the superstore regularly offers deals on various electronics. The retailer also offers two credits cards with a great rewards program, which could include 5 percent cash back on all purchases at Best Buy or special financing.

The My Best Buy Visa, which can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted, also offers rotating benefits like cash back on gas or restaurant purchases. If you aren’t approved for the My Best Buy Visa, you could still qualify for Best Buy’s store card — which doesn’t have an annual fee.

Learn more and apply here.

Amazon.com Prime Store Card

Amazon Prime Card

It’s no secret that you can buy almost anything on Amazon — including many tech items, accessories and other electronics. And if you shop on Amazon a lot, the Amazon Prime Store Card is a solid choice. It offers 5 percent cash back on any purchase or special financing offers for larger purchases.

While there’s no annual fee, the Amazon Prime Store Card (with the 5 percent cash back) is only available for Prime members. But if you’re already subscribed to Prime, it’s a solid choice. As an added bonus, you’ll get your tech products in a hurry with 2-day free shipping on a slew of products.

Learn more and apply here.

Citi Double Cash

Double Cash Card

Cash back offers can really help offset the cost of tech purchases. And when it comes to cash back, it’s hard to beat the Citi Double Cash card. That’s because it offers 2 percent cash back on any purchase — 1 percent when you buy something and 1 percent when you pay off the balance.

It’s also incredibly simple, with a flat easy-to-understand, flat rewards rate. With that kind of cash back offer and no annual fee, it’s a solid choice. But there are a few things to note. There aren’t any sign-up bonuses to be found here, and there’s no introductory or special APR rates for any purchases.

Learn more and apply here.

BankAmericard Cash Rewards

Gbr V1

While you may want a credit card geared toward tech purchases, it might be smart to consider one that rewards you for everyday purchases, too. The Bank of America Cash Rewards card is one such option, since it can net you 3 percent cash back in your choice category, 2 percent cash back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 1 percent cash back everywhere else.

For tech purchases, you can choose online shopping as a choice category. Plus, it’s also worth noting that wholesale clubs like Costco frequently offer great deals on tech products. Better yet, you can also get a $150 cash rewards bonus for spending $500 in the first 90 days after opening.

Learn more and apply here.

CapitalOne PlayStation Card


Avid gamers (in the PlayStaton ecosystem) will appreciate the CapitalOne Playstation card. To start, you’re instantly given a $50 PlayStation Store credit when you make your first purchase with the card. But combined with the additional Sony Perks rewards program, you can also net some great benefits.

Users can get 5 points per every $1 spent on Sony and PlayStation products, such as new games or even TVs. You’ll also get 3 points on every $1 you spend on your phone bill. All of these points can be traded in for games, movies, electronics and other items through the Sony Rewards store.

Learn more and apply here.

Wells Fargo Platinum

Wells Fargo Platinum

Sometimes, you just want to spread the cost of a tech purchase over a longer period of time. While there are a variety of long intro APR cards out there, the Wells Fargo Platinum is a solid choice for a couple of reasons. For one, it offers an introductory 0 percent rate on new purchases for the first 18 months after account opening.

That’s about six to seven months longer than similar offers. While there aren’t any rewards baked into the card, it does offer something else that could be appealing for tech plans: insurance. If you pay your monthly cellular bill via Wells Fargo Premium, it automatically earns you up to $600 in damage or theft coverage on your smartphone.

Learn more and apply here.

Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards

Barclay Card Apple Rewards

If you live and breathe Apple, you may want to consider the Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards. With it, buyers can get 3 points for every dollar spent at Apple, 2 points for every dollar at restaurants, and 1 point for every dollar spent on everything else.

Those points can be redeemed for Apple or iTunes gift cards, but not much else. It’s great for spreading out the cost of Apple purchases and it could take the sting out of pricey tech with special financing offers. But if Apple only represents a small portion of your tech purchases, then you may want to consider something else.

Learn more and apply here.

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