30-Year-Old ‘Fitness Fanatic’ Says Apple Watch Saved His Life After Detecting AFib

Apple Watch Series 5 Credit: PhoneArena
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A 30-year-old British dad and “fitness fanatic” is crediting his Apple Watch with helping to save his life after it alerted him to previously undetected signs of atrial fibrillation.

Chris Mint, a project manager who lives in Lincolnshire, told The Sun that he had owned the Apple Watch for about two years before it started notifying him of possible AFib symptoms a couple months ago.

“I didn’t have a clue that it was capable of doing that until it just popped up in July,” Mint said.

The dad of two eventually went to see his doctor, who told him that it was “unlikely” that he even had atrial fibrillation. But after administering a five-minute ECG test of their own, doctors confirmed that he, in fact, did.

While they were surprised at the ECG result, doctors said that if it weren’t for the Apple Watch’s early detection, he may have gone on to suffer a stroke or heart attack.

He was referred to specialists who found two leaking heart valves. According to The Sun, doctors are preparing to correct those valves in an operation. Interestingly, the UK publication says that Mint is “thought to be” the first Brit whose life was saved by an Apple Watch.

“He was referred to specialists who found two leaking heart valves.”

Mint’s wife, Tiffany, eventually emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook to let him know about the story. Cook, in response, sent an email back to the couple.

“I’m glad your husband sought treatment and is fine now,” Cook wrote. “Thanks for sharing his story — it inspires us to keep pushing forward.”

Stories of the Apple Watch helping to save someone’s life or detecting previously unknown conditions have become relatively common over the past couple of years.

Apple, for its part, has even collected some of these stories for a video titled “Dear Apple,” which it showed off at its latest iPhone event earlier this month.

The clip highlighted some of the Apple Watch owners crediting the device with saving their lives, as well as other users who saw improvements in their health and wellness after buying the device.

As for Mint, the 30-year-old said he was happy that he bought the £349 wearable. “Buying the watch was the best money I’ve ever spent,” Mint told The Sun. “I’m grateful. Really grateful.”

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