4 Ways to Stream Tonight’s Live Coverage of the Election on Apple TV

4 Ways to Stream Tonight's Live Coverage of the Election on Apple TV
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Today is Election Day, which marks a merciful end to what has felt like a lifetime’s worth of campaigning, mudslinging, and bellyaching. For the many of you who have steeled yourselves for one last day of wall-to-wall political coverage and are anxious for the blissful sense of closure and zen awaiting you at the end of it, here is a roundup of various outlets providing live streaming of the election results to get you there:

1. YouTube

By now, you should be accustomed to thinking of YouTube as a go-to destination for live streams of marquee events. Starting at 7 pm ET, the video platform is hosting several live broadcasts by prominent news outlets, including Bloomberg, NBC, PBS, and C-SPAN. Fire up the YouTube app on your Apple TV and pick your media poison.

2. Twitter

Twitter isn’t really thought of a go-to spot for anything other than tweets, but if you’re willing to indulge their attempt to become a video host (even though they let Vine wither away), here’s where you can find their live election coverage, brought to you in partnership with BuzzFeed. You can also access their feed through the Twitter app on Amazon Fire, your Xbox One, or Apple TV.

3. CNN

CNN is evidently going its own way in broadcasting election coverage. It’s opening access to its streams to non-cable subscribers for this historic election, according to Gizmodo. This means that CNN Go, the CNN mobile app, as well as the CNN apps for Apple TV and Roku are all viable options. For Apple TV owners, that means you just have to click on ‘Watch CNN Live’ from the featured section of your TV set, and you’re good to go.

4. Facebook

As it did for the debates, Facebook is partnering with ABC to host a live video stream of election coverage tonight. It’s also got the same deal going with PBS, if that’s more to your taste (you’re probably nervously flipping back and forth between ten different outlets at this point anyway).

What’s your favorite way to stream live news coverage on your Apple TV or iPhone?
Let us know in the comments below.

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