This Amazing iPhone App Uses AI to Screen Calls and Block Scammers

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Bottom Line: Spam calls are the worst, but artificial intelligence can handle them for you. Using this app, your phone will only ring when it actually needs to.

Even with the government’s do not call list, spammers are still able to get through to millions of mobile phones each year. Not only are they annoying, but some people fall victim to their scams and give out personal information. To avoid this pitfall, you could decide to ignore all incoming phone calls or even try to screen them yourself, but these tactics are time-consuming and come with risks. Let an app like CallHero do the work for you by screening incoming calls and automatically blocking those that are spam.

What Does CallHero Do?

CallHero is part digital bouncer and part artificial intelligence secretary app that answers your calls when you don’t want to. The app’s artificial intelligence accepts incoming calls and tries to figure who is calling and why.

The secretary answers the call and decides whether to decline it as spam or forward it onto you to answer. While it can work with any number, it works best with phone numbers that are not in your contact list.

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CallHero Lifetime Subscription

CallHero is a digital bouncer that screens calls for you. Instead of blocking phone numbers, CallHero’s AI filters calls based on what the caller actually says. This next-generation technology makes sure your phone only rings when it actually needs to.

  • First-ever digital bouncer on the market.
  • Blocks nearly 100% of spam calls through call filtering.
  • The only app with an AI screening service.
  • Your phone will only ring when the call is legit.
  • Automatically declines unknown and fake calls.
  • Set keywords that automatically pass the screening procedure.
  • Lifetime access.

Who Would Benefit from CallHero?

Anyone who is annoyed by spam calls will appreciate the services provided by CallHero. The app is designed for those who are busy and don’t have the energy to deal with spam and robocalls. Instead of having to answer every call, CallHero allows the user to answer only those calls that pass the screening process.

Top Feature of CallHero

The ability to use a smart secretary to screen your calls is the defining feature for CallHero. It does more than just reject incoming phone calls; it actually decides whether a call should be answered or not. You can also whitelist specific words so that calls containing them don’t get rejected.

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Using CallHero, you can work without interruption knowing you will only be alerted when a call is essential. All those spam calls that would have interrupted you throughout the day are automatically declined or sent to your voicemail box.


CallHero is available for both iOS and Android. You can try it for free for a limited time to see how the services fits into your workflow. After a free trial, get the lifetime access license which costs just $49.99.

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