5 of the Best iOS Fitness Apps

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 Thankfully, you don’t need the Apple Watch (or any other wearable device, for that matter) to track your workouts and to help you stay in shape. There are plenty of iOS apps that can aid you in your workout to ensure that you are staying fit. Check out these five fitness apps available for your iPhone.

 Workout Trainer 


Get all-inclusive timed workouts with this free iOS app. Produced by Skimble, a company that offers fun, dynamic and social applications for everyone, Workout Trainer works with you to achieve your fitness goals. You can choose from a variety of exercises that focus on various muscle groups and training types, including weightlifting, abs and core, weight loss, and more! Other features of the app include audio instructions, instructional videos, and even a free virtual fitness assessment. As an added bonus, Workout Trainer can synchronize your calories burned during workouts to the Health app on your device. Get it here.

Nike+ Training Club


With over 100 workouts from Nike Master Trainers, this app will help you train better and more efficiently. No matter your workout goal, you can find it on this app. Get toned, get strong, or get lean with various workouts that come with tips from trainers and cheers from friends. The app even gives you the ability to share your workout with others. Get it here. But if you’re more the running/cardio type, you’ll want to check out the Nike+ Running app.


A free, top-rated fitness tracker, Endomondo helps to keep track of your sport using your device’s GPS. Sports include running, cycling, mountain biking, skating, hiking, cross country skiing, and others. With the app, you’ll be able to track duration, speed, distance, calories and more (including heart rate with applicable BTLE heart rate monitors. The app is also heavily community and support oriented, with a news feed of your friends’ workouts, a “peptalk” option to send others extra motivation, and a way to search for new local routes to try out. You even have the ability to compete and race against route champions. Get it here.

 StrongLifts 5×5


When it comes to working out at the gym, most of us need a little extra help and motivation to burn more fat and to build more muscle. By using StrongLifts 5×5, you’ll be able to follow their simple yet effective routine to be on your way to getting stronger. With the app, you follow three exercises, three times a week, at 45 minutes per workout. It notifies you of which exercises to do, how much weight, and also helps to record sets and reps. You can even view your progress over time with their graph! Get it here.




If you were looking for a free 5k training program, the free C25K app will get you going and motivated in no time at all. Featured on Apple’s “What’s Hot” and “New & Noteworthy” lists, this fitness app turns you from couch potato to running enthusiast in no time. Just follow the simple 30 minute workout each day for 8 weeks and you’ll find yourself on the way to completing a 5k sooner than you thought possible. This is an app catered specially towards first-time runners, and is both Spotify and Pandora friendly. Get it here.

Download these apps and get fit today!

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