10 Essential Apps for Your Apple Watch

10 Essential Apps for Your Apple Watch
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Released this past April, the Apple Watch has really only been around for about seven months. Although there’s plenty of talk about the Apple Watch 2, rumored to launch in the spring of 2016, people are still taking full advantage of the first generation model.

With a brand-new operating system, navigation interface, and integration of Force Touch technology, developers and users alike are still finding new ways to take advantage of the wearable. That said, there are some wonderful apps available for the Apple Watch. Here are ten of our favorites.


While the Apple Watch has its own default weather app, CARROT Weather is just more fun. Just like the iOS app, CARROT Weather offers snarky commentary alongside its useful weather information.

Hourly forecasts, “feels like” temperature, rain/snow forecasts, etc. are immediately available, and users can change their complication colors for a bit of a customized look. “It’s a beautiful sunny day! Ha, ha. Just kidding. It’s raining.” Clever.

2. Microsoft Translator

This app is a must-have for international travelers. Speak into the watch, and the app will offer instant translations in 50 languages. The app will even speak the translation out for you if you’re unsure about your pronunciation.

With a simple, but nice-looking layout, and accurate translations, this app is exactly what an Apple Watch app should be – simple, useful, and effective.

3. Evernote

122215-TOP10APPLEWATCHAPPS-2For many people, Evernote is an indispensable app on every platform. The Apple Watch app makes setting reminders, checking off tasks, and dictating new notes quicker and easier than ever.

With flawless integration between your Apple Watch, iOS, and desktop devices, Evernote will simplify and organize your life.

4. AroundMe

AroundMe is another crucial app for travelers – the app can help you quickly find restaurants, bars, coffee shops, banks/ATMs, hotels, gas stations, and more based on your location. Each location is complete with directions, navigation, etc.

5. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

The New Year is coming up – how many people have resolved to lose weight? There may be a ton of fad diets, exercises, and supplements out there that claim to help you lose weight overnight, but everyone really knows there’s no secret to losing weight – diet and exercise. MyFitnessPal is a wonderful app that will help you keep track of your calories, and make the weight loss process that much easier.

The Apple Watch app helps you log your calories, but on top of that, it helps you keep track of your caloric expenditure through exercise. Set your calorie goal, and the MyFitnessPal Apple Watch app will help you reach it.

6. Shazam

122215-TOP10APPLEWATCHAPPS-3Shazam is one of those apps that seems to make more sense on the Apple Watch than on the iPhone. A song is playing on the radio or at a bar/club/restaurant that you’d like to identify?

Hold your Apple Watch up to the speaker, and Shazam will identify the song for you, complete with lyrics and more. The Apple Watch app features all the same functionality as the iOS app – it’s just more convenient on your wrist.

 7. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is your one-stop-shop app for keeping track of all the events in your life. The app syncs your iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and other calendar services, keeping all of your events in one place, and dictating new events is as simple as can be.

Fantastical 2 is simply the best calendar app available for your Apple Watch.

 8. Google Maps

 While Apple Maps has taken some great strides recently, and other companies have put out some great mapping apps for the Apple Watch, Google Maps is still the best mapping app out there.

The Apple Watch app has buttons for quick directions to home and work, and there are links to recent routes searched from your iPhone. Although the Google Maps app doesn’t really take full advantage of the Apple Watch’s feature set yet, you can bet that this app will be tough to beat as time goes on.

 9. Streaks

122215-TOP10APPLEWATCHAPPS-4Good habits are hard to make, but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to make, but hard to live with. Try to build good habits, with Streaks. Choose up to six tasks that you would like to complete every day, and Streaks will keep you accountable.

This app is highly customizable, and it syncs with the Apple Health app for any fitness-oriented goals. Keep the streak alive and beat your own record. Streaks is a fun way to keep yourself motivated in building good habits.

 10. Uber

For anyone that lives in a major metropolitan area, Uber has probably become one of your go-to apps. For me, the service has completely replaced taxis.

With the Apple Watch app, you can summon an Uber and track the ETA, as well as check the driver and car info – especially useful if you’re hauling around luggage or groceries.

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