This Gold-Covered iPhone XS Max Can Be Yours for Just $15,000

Most Expensive Iphone Credit: Caviar
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Apple recently released the most powerful, beautiful and expensive iPhone models it’s ever offered before.. While the new iPhone XS (unsurprisingly) retains the same $999 buy-in as its predecessor, the super-sized new iPhone XS Max starts out at a slightly higher $1,099 (or more, depending on where you live) — though prices can range up to over $1,400 for a 512 GB variant through most U.S. carriers.

Now, I’m not about to be the judge and jury here, but that’s A LOT of money for most people. Sure, as with all Apple products, you’re getting what you pay for — but still, these prices have already shown they’re high enough to deter some would-be buyers.

While $1,099 is obviously bound to invoke a bit of sticker shock for some customers, it’s worth noting that the buck doesn’t stop there — especially for the more financially well-off members of our general populace. 

And that’s why a number of luxury brands exist today, intent in their mission and goal of providing those with cash to blow an exceptionally unique and one-of-a-kind product. Like Russian luxury brand, Caviar, who recently published a promotional video showcasing some of its new ultra high-end, gemstone and gold-encrusted iPhone XS Max devices.

The company showcases its gold-covered iPhone XS Max, which is adorned with a back panel completely covered in over 150 grams of pure gold — the highest amount ever applied to a smartphone, the company says.

There’s just one unit of the gold iPhone XS Max being produced, and it’s currently up for sale through Caviar for a whopping $15,340.

“Cost-Effective” Alternatives?

If $15,340 is a bit too much to chew, you may be happy to know that Caviar — who’s previously furnished a number of customized iPhones featuring everything from gemstones, to gold, and even bits of meteorite — is also offering a few lesser-expensive but still luxurious models to choose from.

For just $9,890 (a savings of $5,450) you can also scoop up the other star of Caviar’s video — that Black, slick-looking iPhone XS Max, which is adorned on its back-side with 400 genuine diamonds.

And it gets even better.. For those in search of luxury on the cheap, Caviar offers a range of more affordable but slightly less-precious rare iPhone creations, including a number of custom and stunning iPhone XS Max handsets for under $6,000.. 

As noted on the company’s website, all of its custom iPhone XS Max models feature “impeccable details with sharp geometric shapes that spell out the word Max” on their back-sides.

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