Best Tech Gifts for Mom

Best Tech Gifts for Mom
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Too often, gifts for moms end up looking like a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or worse still, a piece of cookware. If you’d like to skip the clichés this holiday season, we’ve picked out 10 tech gifts for moms that range from thoroughly pragmatic, to downright cool.

Double-Sided Magnetic Phone Mount

Phone car mounts are a great idea for navigating while driving, but they’re a one-trick pony. This magnetic phone holder, on the other hand, can attach to almost any metal object. Additionally, with its included metal plate pads, you can attach it to basically any surface. From mounting your smartphone on your mirror, to reading a recipe on the fridge, the ClutchIt has you covered.



Trelab Magnetic HD Noise Cancelling Earphones

Perfect for the active individual, these sporty and noise cancelling earphones are a definite step above the earbuds that come with her smartphone. With Qualcomm aptX audio, the RF100’s can deliver HD sound with crisp trebel and deep bass. Removable ear hooks means that they’ll stay on even in the middle of a run.



Tile Mate & Tile Slim Item Finders

We all lose things occasionally, but that becomes pretty problematic when it’s something important like the car keys or a smartphone. That’s where Tile comes in. These slim item finders remember the last place you left an item, and can even ring when an item is out of sight. This four pack comes two Tile Mates, perfect for wallets or purses, and two Tile Slims for keys and smaller items.



Mophie Powerstation 8X Battery Pack

Make sure mom never runs out of power with this sleek, portable battery pack. It’s thin enough to be incredibly portable, but also manages to pick in over 15,000mAh of power with a 15W output — that’s enough to charge her smartphone up to 8 times. It also sports two USB ports, so mom can charge her iPhone and iPad simultaneously.



iKlips Duo iOS Flash Storage 128GB

With such easy access to high-quality cameras, smartphones — and, yes, even cloud storage — can fill up quick with photos and video. Made for iOS devices, this iKlips flash storage drive allows for easy and painless data storage, from music to movies and other media. It’s also great for backing up important data, so a broken smartphone won’t be the end of a photo collection.



Philips Sunrise & Sunset Simulation Alarm

Better sleep is a gift that anyone can appreciate and this light therapy wake up lamp — backed by clinical research — can help. This light simulates a natural sunrise with gradually increasing brightness 20 to 40 minutes before an alarm is set. Users can even set five nature-inspired wake up sounds. It also works in reverse, with dimming sunset and relaxing sounds included.



Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker

The Bellabeat Leaf is a fitness tracker that, to its credit, looks nothing like a fitness tracker. But even though it easily passes as a piece of jewelry, the Leaf can still track steps, distance and calories burned, as well as sleep quality. It comes with both necklace and bracelet wearing options, and the Bellabeat app even features guided meditation sessions.



Studio Banana Kangaroo Light

This sleek, flexible light makes finding even the smallest item in a dark purse a breeze. Its bendable and portable design allows it to be taken-on-the-go and stuffed into even the deepest and darkest bags — giving off soft ambient light. If a purse light isn’t her thing, it can also double as stylish mood lighting for a room. It can connect to both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth, and features interactive apps for either operating system.



Amazon Echo Show

Homes are getting smarter, but they still need a central hub. This holiday, skip the regular Echo and get mom an Amazon Show. Sure, it has Alexa, which is a digital assistant that’s getting smarter by the day. But it also sports a display for hands-free video calling. From projecting on-screen lyrics of mom’s favorite tunes, to displaying recipes and to-do lists, the Amazon Echo Show is a step above the regular smart home assistant hub.



iRobot Wi-Fi Cleaning Robot

Yes, we know. The last thing a mom wants for the holidays is a vacuum. On the other hand, this isn’t — strictly speaking — a vacuum. It’s a smart robot that’ll do all of the vacuuming around the house for her. It’s controllable via a smartphone app, which will let mom sit back on the couch and relax when it’s doing its thing. It even tracks the hours it’s spent cleaning, so users can gauge the time they’re saved.




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